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Project Management Best Practices: An Overview

Posted by Kabir Mehta on Sep 1, 2017 9:54:25 AM

How to Become the Incumbent Contractor, Gain Task Orders & Bid Opportunities

A System of Four Project Management Best Practices

The most important principle to become the incumbent contractor, protect your Government Program, and gain new tasks orders & bid opportunities is to delight your customer.

project-manager-best-practices-overview-1This is exactly what it looks like when your customer is delighted.

But how can you do this, besides the obvious answer of delivering your Government Program as contracted, on time, and within budget?

What if you had a systematic & proven process to delight a Government Customer?

We have perfected such a process, and because of it our CPARS scores are unheard of in the industry. We call this process The Four Best Project Management Practices to delight your customer:

Reading that list might seem like we are recommending bland, generally "good ideas" when it comes to making your customers happy. However, don't be fooled; not only are these general terms for specific and effective processes to follow (crafted from out of decades of experience), if you actually follow them it will make delighting your customer the natural result of your actions, rather than a nice ideal to aim for.

In this blog we flesh out these four best practices, providing you Program Management templates, tools, checklists, and step-by-step strategies along the way to not only make you a better project manager / program manager, but help your company become the Federal "contractor of choice" within your Agency.

Each of these best practices will take work to implement, but we've made it far easier. We've developed a secret sauce that results in delighted customers and ongoing, successful programs. This proprietary process - using these project management best practices - have brought results that speak for themselves:

  • Extremely high CPARS scores
  • New task orders worth $1,000,000+
  • Personal requests from Contracting Officers to submit a bid for a new RFP

Interested to hear more? Read the article covering the first principle, Communicate. Subscribe as we share more of our experience with you in a way that enables you to implement and get results.

You take online courses to improve as a project manager, pay for PMP certifications, or to become a Scrum Master, but just like school you soon learn that the thing that improves your skills most is experience. Let us distill some of the common project manager best practices into strategies and tools that are actually bringing results in real Government Contracts.

If your Federal program is struggling or there's simply a lot of competition, this blog will be your guide to a place of stability, where your Agency or Department would never consider replacing you with an upstart contractor.

Get started here -

Project Management Best Practice #1: Communicate


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