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Big Data, Big Problems: 4 Unique Data Compression Benefits From One Ground-Breaking Tech

Posted by Kabir Mehta on Mar 26, 2018 9:48:06 AM

Part 3 in our series on Data Problems & Data Compression

Part of our series on Software and Data Management

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If you're like most big data businesses, data compression probably plays an integral role in your file-sharing strategy. Without it, transferring large amounts of critical data to your clients would take a lot more time, more money and might even be impossible. As convenient as data compression is, though, it's not without its flaws. But there is a better way. 

Synergetics’ Integrated Mobile Database (IMD) solution gives you the flexibility of customized compression logic and the power of a highly efficient operational framework such as ISO 9001:2015 and CMMI Level 3 compliance. Designed to handle non-standard data from a variety of sources, IMD can quickly turn disparate data into standardized and configurable data points that are easily displayed in a lightweight application. 

1. Immediate Access 
In addition to the above, IMD enables you to read and write compressed data without having to first extract it, thanks to the application's ability to query and release data in a compressed state. Best of all, clients can receive access to their requested data in seconds instead of hours, providing a better user experience overall. 

2. Essential Data Only 
Frequent database updates and new product versions that include a lot of previous data shouldn't be issued in bulk and with IMD, they don't have to be. Instead of sending an entire database to clients, you can save time and resources by only sending the most recent updates. Likewise, IMD is fully functional from portable media, including USB drives and DVDs, making it ideal for those clients who don't have an Internet connection.

3. A Better Return on Time and Money 
With fewer data to download, you'll spend less money on bandwidth, less time creating discs and less money on packaging and shipping. Your servers will also experience less latency, making them more accessible to employees and clients who need to directly access databases on the same servers.  

4. More Efficient Updates 
When it comes to databases, it can be difficult to keep clients up-to-speed on the latest updates, especially if those clients need to receive a physical copy of the new implementation. However, with a compressed data solution, these essential updates can quickly and easily be included in a disc to be sent to the client, ensuring that no update is overlooked.  


Next Steps
The more data you must manage, the more important it is to have the best possible framework in place to support it. Synergetics has the innovation and expertise to help you take your data to the next level.

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