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Project Management Risk Factors: An Overview

Posted by Kabir Mehta on Apr 10, 2018 7:10:00 AM

A Guide to (Non-technical) Project Management Risks to Avoid or Fix

We've created a hub to help Project Managers succeed in Government Contracting.

On this page, we point you to four Project Management Best Practices that lead to very satisfying results for contractors, such as: 

  1. High CPARs scores 
  2. A Government contract safe from competition 
  3. Business growth through new task orders 
  4. Referrals and opportunities for new programs within your agency 
We've provided tools to make it easy for you to implement these practices, and shared case studies so you can learn and apply our hard-won experiences to increase your own contracting success. 

But even after this—even while following best practices toward project success—there are still variables that can hurt your project or personal success. These are situations you should not only pay attention to, but you should know how to mitigate these risks when possible. 

four-horsemen-project-management-risks.jpgYou can also call these risk factors the Four Horsemen of Project Management Doom 

Here's a preview of the whole series:

Four Project Management Risk Factors That Contribute to Failure  

  1. 3 Kinds of Big Challenges
  2. Lack of Alignment Between Teams
  3. When Corporate & Customer Priorities Compete
  4. How Even Good Change Can Hurt Long-term Contracting Success


Would you like a nice way to reference not only this information at your convenience, but also the Four Best Practices to delight your government customer? 

Get the Toolkit


You can now download our toolkit containing the articles from all of these topics, highlighting the best practices to follow to achieve contracting success, as well as information to help you avoid risk factors that lead to contracting failure. Included in the download are ALL of the extras we created to make this easier for you, including:

  • Email Template for Team Status Updates 
  • Weekly Status Report for Client-facing Updates 
  • Checklist of 8 Must-Dos to Run Successful IPR presentations 
  • Case Study & Application Steps to apply a Best Practice that protects & expands a program 
  • Access to our Program Health & Risk Assessment, to enable you to measure your company and your own path toward personal & long-term project success


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Want to Win More Bids & Task Orders?

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Through a series of emails and blog posts, we'll guide you through project management best practices as they apply to Government Contracting, and help you succeed.

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